Brownlee, Nick



“This sounds promising. The start of a crime series in Kenya staring an ex flying-squad cop helping out a Mombassa detective and getting drawn into all sorts of deadly conspiracies. I’ve got a hunch it could be good.” The Bookseller

 “****Gripping and action-packed.Company

“Pacy and well-written...'BAIT will have you hooked.” Mark Billingham


“BAIT is an intriguing debut, brimming with action, memorable characters, and a fascinating Kenyan setting. Jouma and Jake are a pair to watch.” Jeff Abbott


“BAIT is a fresh debut by a writer of exceptional promise who brings a confident and vibrant slant to the crime genre...I have no fear that this is the start of a powerful new series from a new and vibrant voice.” Ali Karim, Shots Magazine


“A wonderful debut novel...Fast moving and thought-provoking, with a nail-biting climax, BAIT is a vivid and intense read.” Laura Wilson, The Guardian


“Offers a different take on the continuing assault on civilisation...It speaks volumes for the issues currently facing contemporary society.” Declan Burke, Irish Sunday Independent 


“Executed with an energy and vigour lacking in much crime fiction. Vividly depicting a society on the verge of collapse and the struggle of the few to hold on to decent values amidst mayhem, it's a brutal but undeniably thrilling ride.” The List Read it! Best Book


BAIT is an example of how settings for works of crime fiction have turned increasingly exotic, and to a certain extent have become something of a "platform." The Rap Sheet


“A rollicking adventure.” Tangled Web


'It's action packed and keeps you guessing and looks to be the first in a great new series.”

Love Reading


“From the start, when a boat is blown up with the enigmatic Dennis Bentley on board, the pace is fast and the action violent as an elaborate plot unfolds…the various strands are pulled together neatly at the end and the final scenes, in which Jake takes centre stage, are very well done – something you often don’t find in a first book. I’m looking forward to Nick Brownlee’s follow-up and to the return of Jake and Jouma”.  Martin Edwards


‘A captivating debut’ Daily Mirror


As a resident of Kenya myself, the locations and the various references, for example to the post-election violence that swept across the country in late 2007 and early 2008, were things with which I could easily identify and made the novel all the more real. Mixing violence, glamour, wealth and poverty, BAIT is an extremely interesting novel and makes a welcome change to the libraries of thrillers set in the United Kingdom or the United States.’ Luke Croll


‘Nick Brownlee’s debut novel is a pacy thriller set under the searing African sun… sensational plot twists and hard-boiled narrative make this unputdownable’

Newcastle Evening Chronicle


‘A lively page-turner’ Esquire Magazine


‘A cast of characters who could have come straight from an Ian Fleming novel. The dialogue is crisp, the settings vivid and the pace swift.’  CNN Traveller


‘Excellent opener from Mr Brownlee’ Saturday Sport


‘This exotic location is the setting for a winning combination of high-octane drama and sympathetically likable heroes.’ The Big Issue

'BAIT is a perfect title for Brownlee's well-conceived and crisply written thriller that takes place during a twelve day period. BAIT means more than just the scraps of food at the end of a fishing hook as Brownlee "baits" the reader along right from the first chapter to the last scene…Nick Brownlee, along with Tom Cain (THE ACCIDENT MAN), are the new UK thriller writers in town to be reckoned with by all who love a high octane story'. Paul Anik, I Love a Mystery

‘Engaging and authentically staged crime thriller.’ Your Choice (NHS Magazine)


‘Alexander McCall Smith with teeth’ Stephen Leather


‘unique’ Jo Milne, South Wales Argus


'this is a very enjoyable action thriller that also paints an interesting portrait of a country that is racked with poverty, political instability and pervasive corruption...This is a refreshingly different crime thriller, with engaging, unsentimental characters and a fascinating setting...A very impressive debut that should be the beginning of a very promising career for Brownlee'. Canberra Times


“If you want a good holiday read then this might be just what you’re looking for. The police procedural aspect isn;t a major part of the story, but it lends an extra aspect to what would otherwise be classed as a thriller. And if it’s action that you’re looking for then there’s plenty of that!” Sue Magee, The Bookbag

“Brownlee creates an overwhelming sense of dread with his portrait of a civil war–torn society whose institutions are crumbling and whose citizens must rely only on their own cunning and toughness”. Booklist




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