Walters, Minette

Chickenfeed (novella for World Book Day)

Chickenfeed (novella for World Book Day)

Series: Titles

US Title: Innocent Victims (with Tinder Box)

Awards: Winner of the 'Quick Reads Learners' Favourite' Award 2006, UK

A body is found in a chicken run…
Based on the true story of the 'chicken farm murder', which took place at Blackness, Crowborough, East Sussex in December 1924.
Norman Thorne was found guilty of the murder of Elsie Cameron, but even at the time of his execution there were doubts about his guilt.
Still swearing his innocence, Norman Thorne was hanged on 22 April 1925.
Bestselling author Minette Walters brings a thrilling story to life in this gripping new novel.

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