It is almost essential in today’s publishing climate for an author to have an agent. Agents are your professional representative in the publishing and media world, they are there to explain and guide authors through the confusion of rights, sales and marketing. In addition the editorial emphasis has shifted to a certain extent; it is now the agent who finds, nurtures and helps an author, while the publisher regards the agent as a reliable sifting and screening process. A good and experienced agent will have an in-depth knowledge of the market, and also the reputation and understanding to represent and support you in your writing career. They know who is the best editor, how to negotiate contracts, and have the knowledge to resolve any crises with your publisher, while continuing to focus on building your career as a writer and selling foreign language rights and film and TV rights throughout the world.

Gregory and Company always encourage authors to produce their best work. We have a strong editorial team who will work closely with you until you have achieved this goal. We may ultimately act in many different guises: editorial advisor, career counsellor and – hopefully – friend. However, we only offer editorial advice to authors we represent.

At the moment we are particularly looking for burgeoning new talent in the fields of excellent crime fiction, epic family sagas, historical novels and upmarket commercial fiction. However, please note that we do not handle children’s books, young adult fiction, SF/fantasy/horror/paranormal, poetry, short stories or plays/screenplays. At the moment we are not actively looking for any non-fiction titles, and we are especially not interested in spiritual or New Age philosophy, or business books. Please see the table below for full details of what we do and do not represent.

Please also note that, owing to the enormous number of submissions we receive, if your submission falls into the "What we do not represent" category, we will not respond.

What we represent What we do not represent

Family Sagas
Historical Fiction
Upmarket Commercial Fiction

Business Books
Children/ Young Adult Fiction

Plays/ Screenplays
Science Fiction/ Future Fiction / Fantasy
Self Help/ Lifestyle books
Short Stories
Spiritual or New Age Philosophy
Supernatural/ Paranormal/ Horror

True Crime

If you would like to submit your work to us, please send us a one-page synopsis (not a glorified jacket blurb) that gives a full explanation of the plot, and the first three chapters or up to fifty pages (double spaced for ease of reading) if submitting by email and the first ten pages (double spaced for ease of reading) if submitting by post . Please include a brief letter telling us about yourself, why you have written this book, and about your past work and future writing plans.

You can submit via post or email:

Mary Jones, Submissions Editor
Gregory & Company Authors’ Agents
3 Barb Mews
London W6 7PA (Please put the word SUBMISSION before your book’s title in the subject line, so we can distinguish your message from the huge volume of spam that we receive.) 

We regret that we are unable to return material. It will be recycled. If you would like us to respond by post (a standard letter), please enclose a SAE. If you do not hear from us for 6 weeks you should assume your submission is not suitable for our list. In the event that you do not hear from us, please accept our best wishes for your success in finding suitable representation elsewhere.

Please do not send the whole typescript, either by post or by email, unless we have specifically asked for it. Unsolicited typescripts will be recycled. 

If we are interested in taking your submission further, you will hear from us within 4-6 weeks.

We also ask that you do not send us LinkedIn requests as they will be automatically blocked, and your email address classified as Spam or Junk.

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